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Training on your site, or in our classroom

Our goal as a provider of occupational and environmental education is to offer a combination of the highest quality courses, the best training value, and superior service. Most courses can be tailored to meet your organizations specific need and can be conducted either at your facility or ours.

Our staff includes Asbestos Consultants and Lead Assessors, a Certified Industrial Hygienist, environmental technicians, former asbestos abatement contractors, and professional instructors; all with years of practical experience in various aspects of regulatory compliance, environmental abatement, remediation, and occupational health and safety issues.

Practical, hands-on experiences are used to reinforce lectures in our training programs.  Our instructors cover basic knowledge and applicable regulations in a traditional classroom setting, while group activities and field exercises provide hands-on experience.

Envirotest is able to adapt our training courses to fit your needs and desired training location.

Current Training Schedule


2023 – Asbestos Initial Courses

40 Hour Asbestos Supervisor/Contractor:    March 20th through March 24th

                                                                        November 6th through November 10th

24 Hour Asbestos Inspector:                         February 21st through February 23rd

                                                                        October 17th through October 19th

24 Hour Asbestos Air Monitoring Tech:        May 23rd through May 25th

                                                                        September 5th through September 7th


2023 – Asbestos Refresher Training Courses

8 Hour Supervisor/Contractor Refresher:     April 14th / September 29th / December 1st

4 Hour Inspector Refresher:                          May 5th PM / August 4th PM / December 8th PM 

4 Hour Air Monitoring Tech Refresher:        May 5th AM / August 4th AM / December 8th AM


2023 – Mold Initial Training Courses

40 Hour Mold Remediation Contractor:      April 10th through April 14th

                                                                      September 18th through September 22nd

                                                                      November 13th through November 17th

40 Hour Mold Assessment Consultant:       March 6th through March 10th

                                                                      August 28th through September 1st

                                                                      November 27th through December 1st

24 Hour Mold Assessment Technician:       April 26th through April 28th

4 Hour Mold Remediation Worker:             June 29th PM

                                                                      December 14th PM                                                                  


2023 – Mold Continuing Education Training Courses

8 Hour Mold Assessment Technician:      March 30th / August 18th / December 22nd

8 Hour Mold Assessment Consultant:     March 30th / August 18th / December 22nd

8 Hour Mold Remediation Contractor:   May 10th / August 11th / December 15th

4 Hour Mold Remediation Worker:         June 29th AM / September 8th AM / December 14th AM 


Contact: Alex Fuhrmann (832) 435-0018 or

Note: AM = (8am to 12pm) and PM = (1pm to 5pm). All other class times are 8:00 am until 4:00 pm

All classes taught at the Houston location 3902 Braxton Drive, Houston, Texas 77063 unless otherwise setup and confirmed. All classes listed are taught in English unless otherwise setup and confirmed.

All classes have a minimum attendance requirements. Give us a call and we can provide you with more detailed information and pricing.



Custom tailored OSHA safety training programs will be created based on your company’s needs.

Envirotest’s qualified OSHA safety trainers will travel to your site to conduct the training. We provide OSHA safety training throughout the United States.


After training is completed, your company or employee will be awarded with a certificate, providing evidence of successful completion of an OSHA training program.

OSHA regulation safety training is of the utmost importance and its something that every company can benefit from.

If you have any further comments or questions please contact us. Every industry is different, and no two companies are the same. That is why we do everything in our power to meet the specific and varied needs for OSHA safety training for all of our clients.

Benefits of training

Many of the activities associated with Environmental work are regulated by government and state regulation agencies. For those seeking employment in this field, Accreditation with your state and government agencies is required. Accreditation must be attained prior to working a secured industrial sites or on federal government facilities. Registration and Policies

To schedule please contact: Alex Fuhrmann at or Martin Medina at

  • We will need the following information:
  • Name:
  • Last 4 Digits of SSN or Employee ID:
  • Desired Class:
  • Desired Dates:

Thank you for the opportunity to meet your training needs.


  • Training classes are usually 8 hours. the 8 hours includes a break for lunch and other breaks during the period from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may not miss more than 10% of any session.
  • Please be courteous. Your phone must be off or on silent mode. This is a state regulation.
  • If you must take a call, please take it outside.

Certificates and ID Cards

Some companies allow us to give the certificates to the trainees. Others require that we mail them to the company.

We must have an identification number. You may use the last 4 digits of your Social Security number or some other identifier. Please PRINT your name, legibly, on the sign in sheet.

Course Fees

Varies by group size. Call for information. All fees must be paid prior to the start of the course.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend, a substitution can be made at any time without charge. You can also transfer your registration fee to another course offered by Envirotest. Refunds, less a $50 administrative fee, will be issued upon request. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations received within five calendar days of the course. Envirotest reserves the right to cancel programs at any time. In this event, Envirotest’s liability is limited to the full refund of your registration fee.

To discuss a customized class, please contact our training department at 1-800-460-1736.  Our instructors are available to conduct classes at your facility.

Texas Department of State Health Services ID: 00-0018

Training Department: 713-782-4411 (Houston) or 1-800-460-1736 (Toll Free)

Asbestos Training Classes

Asbestos Worker Course
Supervisor/Contractor Course
Building Inspector Course
Management Planner Course
Air Monitoring Tech. Course
Project Designer Course
Asbestos Awareness Course

Mold Courses

Mold Assessment Consultant Training