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Professional Services

  • Industrial Hygiene

    • Indoor Air Quality Studies and program planning

      • Welding Operations
      • Air Monitoring
  • OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

    • Application

    • Planning – definition and implementation

    • Audits

    • Annual Program Reviews

  • Testing (mold and other contaminants)

  • Inspections and audits

    • IH Program design, reviews and training

    • IH exposure monitoring

    • Field audits

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Project Management

  • Abatement Project Design

  • Bid Solicitation

  • Consulting Services

  • Daily On-site Printed Analytical Reports

  • Detailed Daily Project Logs

  • Experienced & Accredited Personnel

  • On-site PCM Sample Analysis

  • Project Monitoring

  • Project Oversight / Management

  • Abatement Management

    • Abatement project design
    •  Air monitoring
    • Abatement oversight.


Asbestos Training Classes

  • Lead Training Classes

  • Mold Training Classes

  • RCRA Hazardous Waste Training Classes

  • Texas Law Classes

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  • Health Risk Assessments

  • NEPA Studies

  • On-site PCM Sample Analysis

  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance

  • Soil and Groundwater Contaminant Investigations

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Responding to OSHA’s Citations

  • Industrial Services

    • Asbestos & Lead Paint Inspections

    • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

    • Respiratory Programs

    • Hearing Conservation Studies

    • Tank Seal Inspections

    • Additional Services

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Why Are We The Best?

We make sure that someone is picking up the phone when someone calls.
We think before we give any promise – because nothing annoys customers more than a broken one
We Let our customer talk and show him that we are listening by making the appropriate responses
Properly dealt with, complaints can become opportunities.
We focus on solutions and helping anyone who reaches out for assistance
We train our staff to be always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Our customers may not say so to so, but everyone will always want people to make an extra effort
Extra is always good. We are always looking for the added value for our customers

Discount Available

OSHAfines can be costly. Accredited studies show that for every $1 invested in safety, companies can expect to see a $3 to $6 return on investment.It is our mission to achieve a significant reduction or completely eliminate our client’s fines. OSHA officials may grant companies that are in “good faith” that have hired a safety consultant a 20% reduction. Once the informal conference has concluded, our OSHA compliance specialists will work hand in hand with your company to get the case completely closed.

Commercial Services

  • Environmental Site Assessments and Selection Services (Phase I, II, III)

    • All Envirotest Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are conducted in accordance with the ASTM E 1527-00 Standard. The majority of our Phase I ESA’s are customized to fit client needs and exceed the ASTM Standard in many areas.

    • Asbestos/Lead/Lead Surveys and Investigations

    • Compliance Audits

    • Environmental Due Diligence

    • Environmental Site Assessments

    • Indoor Air Quality Surveys

    • Site Characterization

    • Site Characterization

    • Subsurface Investigations

    • Wetlands Surveys

  • Environmental Remediation

    • Abatement Project Design

    • Bid Solicitation

    • Detailed Daily Project Logs

    • Mitigation Programs

    • Project Monitoring

    • Project Oversight / Management

    • Remediation Design and Implementation

  • Consulting Services

  • Daily On-site Printed Analytical Reports

  • Geographic Information Systems and Data Management

  • Soil-Gas Investigations and Vapor Intrusion Assessments

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP)

  • Underground Storage Tank Compliance Inspection and Management

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Laboratory Analytical Qualifications

  • Licensed by the Department of State Health Services, Asbestos Laboratory PLM, PCM # 300005 Lead # 2110042

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Indoor Air Quality

  • Indoor Air Quality Studies

  • Testing (mold and other contaminants)

  • Inspections

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