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Asbestos Worker Course

Asbestos Worker Course – 4 days (32 hours)

This EPA/DSHS approved course is for workers who disturb asbestos during removal, encapsulation, enclosure or repair, or who may be exposed to asbestos in the course of their work. Currently accepted work practices and techniques are emphasized. Students gain actual hands-on experience constructing a decontamination unit, performing glovebag operations, and creating a negative pressure mini-enclosure. A photo identification card and a certificate of completion are presented to each person who successfully completes the course.

Course Topics

  • Background information on Asbestos
  • Potential Health Effects of Exposure to Asbestos
  • Federal and State Regulatory Requirements
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Air Monitoring
  • Work Site Safety Hazards
  • Glovebag Removal of Pipe Insulation
  • Decontamination Units and Procedures
  • Negative Air Machines
  • Standard Industry Work Practices


Texas Department of Health work registration application forms are available and furnished to course participants. Students who pass the certification exam are eligible to apply for state Worker registration.

  • The course fee covers all course materials, including:
  • Comprehensive course training manual
  • Federal and State regulations and guidance manual
  • Course handouts and license application forms
  • Certification exam

Course Requirements \ Information

Certification: Asbestos Worker (2 year License)

Course Fee: $349 Per Student (Minimum 5 Students)

Duration: 32 Hours

Education / Experience Required: N/A

State Examination: Yes

Function / Duty: Conduct abatement in target housing and child-occupied facilities.

Conditions / Restrictions: Cannot supervise or design an abatement, nor conduct inspections, risk assessments or hazard screens.

For inquiries or registration, give us a call at +1 800 460-1738 or email us at info@envirotestllc.com or register online.